Attentive Prayer – The slowing of life

February 7, 2008


Attentive Prayer – The slowing of life

In my better moments, I believe that you can foster an attitude of attentive prayer that requires the slowing of life, the silence of heart, the focus of the mind, then prayer as “breathing” kicks in. God becomes bigger the the slowness. This my own personal experience over the last few months.

It seems obvious to me that if you are “reconcilled” to God, then you are in His presence 24/7 and if you are in His presence 24/7 then the God into whose presence you are born is made more aware to the human soul through solitude, silence and attentive stillness. Attentive Prayer!

It is my own personal experience that much organised prayer and the “Quiet Time” for that matter, either focuses on – 1. “The Coming to God” in that moment. The implication from this belief is that we have not been in God’s presence all along,even before we have come to that moment. That we have been absent from his presence. or 2. – the focus on “God coming to us” and the implication here is that God has not been with us before that moment either. That he has been absent from our presence. Clearly both of these focuses are wrong.

We need to take serious that we are “in” given welcome, hospitality, a place of belonging, the real presence of God with us now in this time and space and for eternity. If you like “Given a place at his table”. This being the case then, the greatest ever act of attentive prayer is “silence acceptance” for in silence, nothing of the human condition is exalted, self is overcome and space and time is given to listening for God and resting in his revealed self.

It’s on this spiritual journey that we have embarked. A journey of attentive prayer, which is a living encounter 24/7; openess and awareness to God through the sacrament of daily life is what I’m practicing and inhabiting.

The slowing of life in our busy and highly stressful society energises this approach to attentive prayer, it gives it form and takes it from the realm of a casual meeting and places it in the centre of a relationship where loving hearts commune in total silence and solitude.