Day Two – Spilling Over

December 21, 2007

Key Verse: “‘If you consider me a believer in the Lord,’ she said, ‘come and stay at my house.’”–Acts 16:15b

Read: Acts 16:11-15

There’s something very precious about Christian fellowship and hospitality shared among fellow believers. As Lydia demonstrated, hospitality is perhaps the greatest symbol of oneness – the most meaningful statement of unity – within the universal fellowship of believers. In many cultures, hospitality is a given. It is practiced with sacrificial generosity by the poorest families who have very little materially to share with their guests. During a short-term missions trip to Costa Rica, J.C. – a Maryland farmer – was bowled over by his hosts’ reception. The family of eight lived in a tiny single-room house and slept on mats on the floor. At meal times, they didn’t have enough chairs, so some perched on wooden blocks. J.C., though, was seated in the best chair. The next day, J.C. found his hosts had cut down branches and made him his own chair. “It blew me away to see how much they cared for me – a stranger – with the little they have,” he says. “Their love for God just spilled over.”

Think About It: How does your devotion to Christ “spill over” into the lives of others?