Day Seven – A Taste of Things to Come

December 21, 2007

Key Verse: “In My Father’s house are many rooms… I am going there to prepare a place for you.”John 14:2

Read: John 14:1-4

Shortly before Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion, He comforted His disciples with these words – words of hospitality, looking forward to the day He would welcome them to their heavenly home. Have you considered that Jesus’ entire earthly ministry spoke of the crucial importance of hospitality? Jesus gave His life so that we could be welcomed into the Kingdom of heaven – and, in doing so, linked hospitality, grace and sacrifice in the deepest and most personal way imaginable. Hospitality here on earth is a reflection – a taste – of those things yet to come. Jesus is preparing a place for you! While you and I have the opportunity, oughtn’t we to reflect Christ’s hospitality and “prepare a place” for others?

Think About It: How will you respond to the hospitality that Christ has showered – and will shower upon you?