Who Was St. Benedict?

December 18, 2007


St. Benedict was born in 480 in Nursia, Italy. As a young man, Benedict went to Rome for his education. There he was outraged at the corruption he saw. He fled south, and for three years he lived in a mountain cave by Subiaco as a hermit. Benedict’s reputation for holiness spread.

Various disciples came seeking his guidance, and at their request, Benedict started his first monastery. He soon moved to Monte Cassino. There a new foundation grew and flourished, which was to become one of the greatest monasteries in Europe.

After years of experience in community, Benedict wrote his famous Rule, which he shared with his twin sister, Scholastica, and her monastery for women. Benedict died at Monte Cassino on March 21, 547. During his lifetime, his Rule guided twelve different monasteries he led over the course of eighteen years.