“Finding Sanctuary”

December 18, 2007



Abbot Christopher Jamison has achieved his aim of writing an accessible and extremely useful book for those who want to develop spiritually. This is a relatively easy read and, at 180 pages, can be finished in quite a short space of time. It took me only two days in total.

Drawing extensively upon the Rule of St Benedict, Abbot Christopher promotes spiritual disciplines which offer an attractive and practical antidote to the unrelenting busy-ness of everyday life in the western world. His chapter on “Busy”ness was wonderful and searching with it’s challenges. Chapter by chapter, he extols the benefits of silence, contemplation, obedience, humility, community, spirituality and hope and does so in ways which are informative, stimulating and helpful to those of us who want to grow continually closer to God. He expands all of this as an interpretation of the “Rule of St Benedict” Abbot Christopher occasionally refers back to ‘The Monastery’ TV series for was to describe what he is talking about, but such references are relatively few and anyone who missed the programmes will still be able to engage fully with the book as a whole.

I really enjoyed the book, It has challenged me to a further detailed study of “Benedictine Spirituality” and the theology that lies behind it. I’m looking forward to this book shaping me in the days head. I would also be committed to working on some kind of guided response to “Finding Sanctuary” chapter by chapter.

I am recommending all my friends to take a look at For their own enjoyment and spiritual development.