Seek the Silences with Thomas Merton

May 15, 2007


Charles Ringma, professor, writer and missionary to the streets of South-East Asia, knows what it is to engage with current issues that confront Christian believers committed to both the sacred and to the secular, to spirituality and to service, to community and to Christ.

In conversation with the writings of Trappist monk and contemplative, Thomas Merton, Ringma reflects – in helpfully short, bite-sized bits – upon an enriching selection of topics. They range from issues of self-identity, to the search for ultimate meaning; from friendship and community to a quest for transformative action. He takes us towards a consideration of being and hope as a search for an eschatological vision.

In a rich, conversational style that never shouts but always engages, Ringma offers a spirituality that does not retreat to the desert but treads the city sidewalk seeking meaningful ways to engage the questions it provokes.

Ringma provides a thoughtful, stimulating and timely primer on the prolific writings of Thomas Merton in a contemporary way that captures an accurate flavor of Merton’s depth of wisdom, sanity and grace.

This book will enchant and move you to meaningful moments of spiritual reflection showing you new ways of being in a world that looks and feels too out of control.