When They Crucified My Lord: Through Lenten Sorrow to Easter Joy

March 21, 2007


When They Crucified My Lord is a beautiful collection of Lenten bible studies and prayers, written by the Franciscan Friar Brother Ramon, who died last year. Drawn to a hermit’s life, he was uniquely qualified to write the kind of book that demands peaceful reflection. Anyone who feels frazzled and in need of contemplative “time out” will enjoy this inspiring build up to Easter–although what Brother Ramon writes is so engaging you could read it any time of the year.

We follow Christ through the days leading up to His crucifixion–through days of fervour, days of tumult–until he is alone facing the horror of Golgotha. Brother Ramon uses powerfully different viewpoints to guide us through these bible passages, from the betrayer Judas, to Peter the Rock, from Jesus’ beloved disciple, John, to his mother Mary.

Perhaps the most thought-provoking studies of this book are in its final section, Holy Week, where Brother Ramon teases out the dramatic implications of Christ’s final words on the cross. Of His words, “It is finished” Ramon writes:

He is not sobbing, or babbling in fear, despair or even resigned acceptance, crying, “It’s the end–I can’t take any more” Rather it is a cry of triumph, of glory, of strange victory.

If your time is so hard-pressed that daily bible study seems an unheard-of luxury and you read only one section of When They Crucified My Lord, then make it this one. Happy contemplation! —Amanda Cameron

On this journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day, the reader is invited to become a pilgrim with Brother Ramon. Each day there is the opportunity to stop and reflect on the gospel story, drawing insight from the experiences of those who were there during the events of the first Easter, finding inspiration and strength for the greater journey of our lives. Suffering and glory are intermingled in real human experience in this book, which is designed for personal and group use, for Christians of all traditions. The Bible readings are included in the text and each day finishes with a prayer or point for meditation.