Urban Prayer – Week 1, Day 3

March 21, 2007

 We draw near to God, Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.Silence




  • We recognise that Christian faith is a journey and we are committed to helping people move forward, wherever they are at present.

Reflect on all those in your life today.
Where are they on their faith journey?
What do they struggle with?
What do you struggle with?
What have they taught you of God?
Where has God been present in your interactions?
Hold them quietly in your heart and imagine what life would be like for them if God was more fully in their lives. What prayer does that image call from you? Offer it to God.Now reflect on your faith at the moment. What would change for you if God was more fully present to you and in you? Is that a change that you desire? Offer your response to God.Our God
we are a part of that great crowd of people
who are learning what it means to abide in your love.

We thank you that we are not alone in our journey,
but from the beginning of human experience,
right through Scripture,
right through the stories of faithful people
you have invited us to travel with you
in this journey of salvation.

We recognise the journey takes us
through desert landscapes
sometimes dotted with oases
sometimes arid, dry and forbidding
as far as the eye can see;
through beautiful landscapes
filled with water, trees, sky and hills
where all creation cries Alleluia!;
through urban landscapes
noisy with change yet a place
where nothing really changes.

We offer you our journey and pray
that, while you lead us to where we
need to go,
you’ll help us to be fully present today
to your Spirit,
ever beckoning,
ever calling
ever inviting
to life in all its fullness.

And we offer to you the faith journey
of those we know
praying for them your peace and hope,
and an ever deepening awareness
of your love and life.

Free prayerThe Lord’s PrayerLord, in your mercy
Let your kingdom come!

From Urban Expression – http://www.urbanexpression.org.uk/liturgy/values/3


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