Week 1, Day 2

March 20, 2007

+ We draw near to God, Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.





  • We believe that the gospel works through relationships and that serving God consists largely in building life-giving relationships with others.

Call to mind the relationships in your life that you carry in your heart today – family, friends, neighbours, your church community – and as you focus on each of them, imagine God’s arms surrounding and holding them.

Are any particular relationships calling for your attention?

Offer your thoughts and feelings about them to God, or simply pray, ‘Lord, have mercy,’ confident in the loving work of the God who knows you and the relationships in a way which does not demand words of explanation.

God, thank you for all those that you’ve placed in our paths for the sorted and the centred for the muddled and bemused for the broken and the fractured for the searching and confused

In all our relationships let the piercing light of your love infuse us and flow through us
challenging the depths of the darkness offering the hope of new beginnings providing warmth where hearts are cold giving strength where wills are weak
In us and through us let all those we meet today be touched by your Spirit,
and may we see your presence reflected in the faces of friends and strangers
Free prayerThe Lord’s Prayer

Lord, in your mercy

Let your kingdom come!

From Urban Expression – http://www.urbanexpression.org.uk/liturgy/values/2