Urban Prayer – Week 1, Day 1

March 20, 2007

+ We draw near to God, Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.





  • We believe that, in Jesus, God is revealed locally, and that we should be committed to our local community or relational network and active members of it.

Call to mind where you live.
Imagine that you’re in a balloon floating over the roofs and parks, people and traffic, houses and flats.
Hear the sounds of where you live; breathe its air; feel its life and stay with this for as long as you like.
This is where God has invited you to live.
Notice what part of the neighbourhood is uppermost in your mind.
What’s calling out for transformation today? Silently offer that to God.

we come before you just as we are
with all our frailties and vulnerabilities
our baggage and prejudices
our hopes and dreams
our life and love
and we offer it all to you.

Take all we are and hope to be.
Use us here where you’ve brought us
and help us to be like Jesus.
Use our hands, our eyes, our ears,
our words, our silences,
our work, our rest
our hearts and minds,
and let your kingdom come
in the lives of all who live
next door and round about,
in this street and square
in the whole neighbourhood.

Confirm in us your invitation
to be your people here.
Deepen our commitment to it.
In our experience of the
heights and depths of life here
help us to know your surging and renewing love.

Free prayerThe Lord’s PrayerLord, in your mercy
Let your kingdom come!

From Urban Expression – http://www.urbanexpression.org.uk/liturgy/values/1